Robert Hagaman is the president and CEO of the Hagaman Insurance Group which is based in Toms River, New Jersey. With more than 20 years of professional experience, he loves being able to help his customers find plans and pricing options that work for them. His company, the Hagaman Insurance Group, specializes in life and health insurance, and Medicare insurance. Robert focuses on finding a solution for each of his clients based on their personal needs and situations. Insurance can be intimidating, but Robert aims to help and alleviate any stress involved in the process. Recognizing that it can be difficult to find the most accurate information regarding insurance, Robert Hagaman makes it his priority to provide his clients with the best information possible so that they can feel confident when selecting an insurance plan for themselves and their families. His proven track record led to a successful and lengthy career in the industry.

In addition to his tenured career in insurance, Robert also has a passion for real estate which he pursues through his property investment ventures. For the last eight years, he has created high-end rental opportunities for local communities. While many developers are more concerned with fixing houses and turning them for a profit, Robert and his team are focused on rehabilitating homes and renting them out to community members. Robert Hagaman enjoys being able to create affordable and safe housing opportunities for all income brackets. He takes pride in his work and the way it builds strong neighborhoods within his community. He enjoys seeing how investments have the ability to build stronger neighborhoods in the area.

Robert also owns and operates The Learning Experience, an early education facility in Toms River, New Jersey. Recognizing the importance of knowledge and learning, Robert understands that how children learn is just as vital as what they learn. The education a child receives sets the foundation for future development, growth, and learning potential, as early childhood is a pivotal point in time for brain development. Robert Hagaman prides himself on providing parents and students with the best possible first experience with learning.

Robert is an avid basketball fan and loves being able to raise his family in the Toms River community.


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